Category: Micro Heroes


         Invincible, Atom Eve, Omni-Man, The Immortal

Chase II

               Chase 1,000,000, Director Skull, Songbird, Bronze Wraith, Major Flashback

Chase I

                  Cameron Chase, Director Bones, The Acro-Bat, Manx, Mr. Action, and Dr. Trap

Madman and The Atomics

                     Madman, It-Girl, Adam Balm, Mr. Gum, Black Crystal, Slug, Zap-Man

Misc. Heroes II

               My own Marvel/DC amalgam – Nightdevil, Clownface and Panda from Body Bags, Battle Pope, Jesus and Brenda from Battle Pope.

Misc. Heroes I

               The Great Machine from Ex Machina, Captain Valor and Milo from Hero Squared, Judge Dredd, Lady Death, Violet Grimm from Dogwitch, The Bulleteer from 7 Soldiers