Gutter Trash Podcasting Network

Welcome to the Gutter Trash Podcasting Network! Please give them all a listen and favorable iTunes reviews!

Gutter Trash
The mothership podcast, started in 2008. Hosted by Jason Young and Eric Shonborn, they alternate between reviewing comics and movies and steadily make idiots of themselves.

The View Masters
Formerly League Night, Joe Grunenwald and Eric Shonborn watch and review television programs one episode at a time! Currently watching the sci-fi cult show Farscape

The Savage FINcast
Hosted by a rotating cast (mostly Jim and Craig), they discuss all things and feature interviews about the classic comic Savage Dragon and general Erik Larsen related news.

The Stupid Sexy Podcast
The newest program, a monthly show hosted by Kathleen Coyle and Eric Shonborn, they discuss geek culture, news, gossip and controversy.

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